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5 Reasons You Need Emergency Car Assistance on Standby

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Main Causes of Car Engine Overheat & What Not to Do

MAIN CAUSES OF CAR ENGINE OVERHEAT & WHAT NOT TO DO In the good old days, engine overheat wasn’t such a big deal —once that temperature gauge shot up, all you had to do was pull over, let the cast-iron … Read More

Why Not to Tow Your Vehicle Yourself

You may encounter a few situations where you’ll need to tow your car. While you may consider doing it yourself with another vehicle, a few risks are involved. Thus, this article highlights a few reasons why not to self-tow your … Read More

6 Essential Car Maintenance Tips for Spring and Summer

So, if you’ve traveled about those many miles in the winter, change the oil for the new season. Also, make sure to use the recommended grade of engine oil for your specific vehicle. Change the filters as well. 1.    Check … Read More

5 Common Reasons Why You May Need Roadside Assistance

It’s never a good feeling to be stuck in the middle of the road because some part of your car isn’t working. Nevertheless, quick and effective roadside assistance from seasoned professionals can help reduce stress for you. By effective roadside … Read More