Why Not to Tow Your Vehicle Yourself

You may encounter a few situations where you’ll need to tow your car. While you may consider doing it yourself with another vehicle, a few risks are involved. Thus, this article highlights a few reasons why not to self-tow your vehicle.

You Can Damage Your Vehicle or Harm Others on the Road

It’s not safe to attempt to tow a vehicle without another person involved. Even if there is someone, it’s best not to try it if they have no towing experience. With improper towing, you can significantly damage your vehicle or harm other people on the road. You could also hurt yourself if your vehicle crashes into something.

Moreover, if you do it yourself, you’re unlikely to have the necessary equipment. As a result, you won’t be able to maintain appropriate safety standards when moving your vehicle around on the road. Towing professionals have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to prioritize both safety and effectiveness with this process.

You May Have an Incorrect Towing Rating

Some vehicles are designed for towing while others aren’t. The ones that can tow have a towing rating, which is their towing capacity for safely hauling something. So, you will need to know the weight of your car and the towing rating of the vehicle used to haul.

Some vehicles have low towing ratings because they are designed for towing smaller things—not cars. On the other hand, some vehicles, such as pickup trucks, have high towing ratings for towing cars and trailers.

It’s dangerous to use a vehicle with a lower towing rating than required. You could damage the towing vehicle’s exterior, cause the brakes to fail, explode the tires, or overheat the towing vehicle.

You May Not Know How to Tow Properly

There are specific driving methods used when towing a vehicle. These methods include driving cautiously on slopes, taking wider turns around corners, and more. Unless you know them, you should never try to tow your own vehicle or someone else’s.

You Don’t Have the Appropriate Equipment

Unless you tow vehicles often, you’re likely not to have the appropriate towing equipment, including the right tow bar for the amount of weight you want to tow. Thus, it’s irresponsible and unsafe to use anything but the correct equipment. Even if you do have the correct equipment, you should know how to use it.

Last Few Words

It’s important to know why not to self-tow your vehicle so that you and others around you stay safe. Of course, if you have experience towing and the appropriate equipment, you don’t need to worry. If you don’t and need quick roadside assistance, consider eAutorescue.

Simply download the app for free, place an order on your mobile device, and the nearest field technician will come to you. There’s no subscription needed, and it can provide you with seasoned professionals who know who to two vehicles safely and effectively.

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